Pumpkin Patchers

Once again, miss Kayla Grace knew exactly what she wanted to be months before Halloween and stuck with it. I’m not sure what made her choose Alice since she hasn’t been watching the movie lately but she looks adorable! She’s convince Steven to be the Mad Hatter and myself to dress as the Chesire Cate. She really wanted Cameron to be the white rabbit but he refuses. His costume is no surprise as he’s obsessed with all things vehicles. He wanted to be Thomas the Tank so I got that costume but added a conductor/engineer costume for him to wear underneath. Well, he wore the Thomas part once and won’t touch it again. But he loves the conductor costume so much he wore it to school the first day it came in the mail about a month ago.

We went to 7 pumpkin patches and/or parties this season! Kayla was very into decorating pumpkins this year. She even won a contest with kids ages 2-13 entered. She was so very proud and we are so proud of her. This girl also loves a good corn maze, unlike her mama. I always end up wanting an emergency escape route. She likes to read and find every clue and try every path if she has to. I do, however, enjoy watching the kids run around squealing with excitement when they find a path that is not a dead end. Cameron has become quite the candy fiend, he is SO ready to trick-or-treat. He does not like chocolate though which first, makes me wonder how we’re related but second, yay for me!

We have been driving around the burbank hills for weeks now looking at all the fun decorations. Our favorite spot is down on Bel Air where there’s a Star Wars themed house, a clown themed house and houses with skeletons and zombies galore. We drive by just about every day and stop and talk about all interesting things going on at each house. We’ve decided that’s where we will actually go trick-or-treating this year. I can’t wait to see what they think up close, in person. It’s going to be so much fun!

We hope everyone has a very happy, safe halloween




Kayla – Pajamas: Old Navy; Socks: Old Navy; Evie Costume: Disney; Cat Boots: Target; Pumpkin Patch Outfit – Shirt: Festivius (Zulily); Tutu Skirt: Dancina Sparkle; Shoes: Mini Melissa; Pumpkin Tunic: Urban Smalls; Pumpkin Knee Leggings: Urban Smalls.

Cameron – Orange & Black Halloween Shirt:¬†Tesa Babe; Jack O’ Lantern Pants: Urban Smalls; Shoes: Cat & Jack; Black Halloween Shirt: Monday’s Child; Pants: Gymboree; Pajamas: Old Navy; Halloween Socks: Old Navy¬†Pirate Costume: Chasing Fireflies.

The Figueroa fam has been very into the Halloween spirit this year. Kayla wanted to start decorating in September! We ended up getting started the first week of October and she was so excited to help. She’s into all things spooky lately. She’s been singing a “spooky spooky” song she learned in school and re-telling us the Halloween stories they read as well.

Kayla has known what she was going to be for Halloween since she saw Descendants 2 earlier this year. She’s now seen both Descendants 1 and 2 at least 20 times. She loves Evie because she’s into fashion along with her friend Dizzy. She even has Evie’s fashion book and has us read it to her every night. Although Kayla likes her blue hair, she opted not to wear a wig or spray her hair blue (which is OK with us). It’s been fun watching her dress up as Evie and play the part. She insisted on holding the apple in her pictures and not smiling because “she’s wicked”. She’s definitely got a passion for dramatic play. I often have to pretend I’m Mal and she is Evie or Dizzy and doing my hair or showing me a jacket she “made”.

We’ve been pumpkin patch-hopping this year and it’s been fun watching the two of them take it all in together. Cameron loves the pumpkins and Kayla loves the games although he wants to do absolutely everything his big sister does. Which is adorable but also means double the tickets for every ride and game! Regardless, this season has been a blast and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.