The Firecracker Is Back (with a friend)






Top Dress: OshKosh; Hat: Circo; Shoes: Cherokee; Star Dress: Youngland; Bow: Gift (similar) T-Shirt & Shorts: Carters

Yep, she’s back and this time as a big sister! This is Cameron’s debut on WKW, he may not look thrilled but this kid is all about smiles. Kayla adores her little brother (when she’s not trying to startle him awake from a peaceful slumber). I’m going to have to figure out a trick to get them to smile at the same time. Every time one is smiling the other will cough, sneeze, cry or just look away.

Kayla wore her star dress to school today for her 4th of July picnic/parade and got so many compliments. She currently loves anything that sparkles so the glitter stars on the tutu were a big hit. Her sandals were also sparkly silver and for some reason she loves the fact that both straps velcro on each foot.

I’m looking forward to fireworks with friends and family this weekend. For some reason, Kayla wasn’t a fan of them last year (maybe too loud?). I’m hoping she realizes how fun they are this time around.

Happy 4th of July!



A Dream Is A Wish…






Cinderella Dress; Tiara; Carriage Tote; Shoes

Kayla has known she wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween for about 6 months. She’s never wavered in her choice, every time we asked she’d say “Cinderella”. We thought for sure she’d change her mind at some point but decided to take a risk and buy her this costume early. We had taken her to see the new Cinderella film when it came out and she just loved it. She let us know that her costume had to be the version with the butterflies on it like she saw in the movie. Luckily, Disney is up-to-date with merchandise for all their new properties so we scored the dress of her dreams. Kayla is beyond excited to be Cinderella and loves her “glass slippers” that light up as well as her carriage trick-or-treat bag. She can’t wait to go trick-or-treating and get lots of candy and we can’t wait to watch her (and take tons of pictures)!



Turkey Time






Dress: Marmellata; Shoes: Carters; Hair Ties: Goody

This Thanksgiving is extra special around here because although it is Kayla’s second Thanksgiving, it is the first one with her Nona. Her Nona did not get to see her cute turkey outfit last year, or sit at the table with her or anyone else for that matter. Instead, she was in the ICU being stronger than any of us could have imagined. This year we are SO very thankful to have Nona back at the dinner table (and for her amazing cooking). This year also brings a blending of families, new traditions and celebration of life. So much to be thankful for!

I think you can tell by the smiles that Kayla adores this turkey dress, from the second I opened the package in the mail she was in love. Every time she puts it on I have to bribe her or find some clever way to get her out of it (to keep it nice for the actual holiday). I like that she can continue to wear this dress throughout the winter with the addition of some tights and Uggs as well. She will enjoy it for many months to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!