Patriotic Pair


Top Left – Dress: Little Miss Fashion; Headband: Creations of Grace; Top Right – Dress: Gymboree; Headband: Similar; Flag Romper: Urban Smalls; Top Right Below – Kayla’s Swimsuit: Gymboree; Cam’s Swimsuit: Kanu Surf; Bottom – Star Sandals: Gymboree


I’m not gonna lie, I think Cameron had a better time taking pictures this time around than Kayla. He went crazy for the little pool and he loves anything with wheels so he was in heaven. Although not so much into the pictures, Kayla IS very much into learning about the United States. She’s learned the names of all 50 states and now wants to know who lives in each state and what’s there. Needless to say we do not know people in all 50 states so we’ve resorted to naming politicians. She keeps us on our toes with her seemingly endless questions but we love her unquenchable desire to learn.

As for the clothes, Kayla picked out her own Gymboree outfits so she of course loved those. And her love for headbands continues. The bow dress that I picked out was not her favorite because apparently bows are cute but only when they’re tiny. She hated the big blue bow on her dress even though it’s clearly adorable.

Kayla is excited to celebrate 4th of July this year and is so ready for red, white and blue popsicles and fireworks. I had thought last year was going to be the year she’d finally love fireworks but she didn’t like the sound! We watch them from about 2 miles away so I have no idea why the sound scared her but she’s let us know that she’s not afraid this year. We’re probably not going to let the little “zilla” as we call him stay up for the show as he needs every bit of sleep he can get! Until next year for his reaction.

We wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!!!



One more because he loved it that much…


Throwback Thursday – Halloween




Costume: Pumpkin Dress

Here’s a throwback to Kayla’s very first Halloween. She was the most precious little pumpkin princess I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to believe how much she’s grown and changed since then.



Summer To Fall





Romper: Victoria Kids (similar); Shoes: TOMS; Socks: Trumpette Ballerina Socks; Tights: Carters; Headband: Ema Jane; Crochet Beanie: Huggalugs

One of my favorite things to do is dress up and accessorize a staple item and make it look like a new outfit every time. This is something I try to do with Kayla as well. She can go day to night or summer to fall with just a few changes. Lucky for me she is pretty tiny. At 18mo she generally wears size 12-18mo but also fits into 12mo and even some of her 9mo clothes. This means she can carry over outfits from season to season and make them new by changing the accessories. Now if only I could figure out how to make her shoes grow with her. Sadly, she no longer fits into these cute TOMS.

What I did here was use the romper as the centerpiece and during the day she had a headband and cute socks and for nighttime I added tights and a beanie to create a fun, warmer new look.



Flowy Florals




Dress: Rim Zim Kids; Shoes: Laniecakes; Socks: Trumpette Ballerina; Headband; Ema Jane

This dress by Rim Zim is the perfect Spring wardrobe staple. Kayla was at one with nature in this flowy floral dress. She looked beautiful frolicking amongst the flowers. The shoes are ridiculous (in a good way), they squeak when she walks! She had so much fun running around in these shoes. I felt bad for all the people in the stores and restaurants we went to this day but it was so worth it to watch her have that much fun. Her joy trumps my embarrassment any day. I highly recommend letting your child own just one pair (that’s enough!) of these. Lastly, I love adding that little extra touch and these socks from Trumpette allow me to do that with the cute little bows on the back. I think we own them in every color they have.


kayla’s mommy

Easter Outfit Number 1




Dress: Bonnie Baby; Headband: Tesa Babe (similar)

Of course she has two Easter dresses, why wouldn’t she? I had to do the traditional dress and a fun dress which I’ll debut in another post. This will be Kayla’s second Easter, she already understands the concept of opening the eggs and finding goodies inside. Let’s just hope she’s walking by then so she go hunt for eggs while I take a million pictures!