Happy Hearts

 Kayla (top, right) – Tunic: Lady’s World (similar); Pants: Cat & Jack; Headband: Gymboree. Kayla (far right) – Romper: Beebay; Heart Sunglasses: Gap. Kayla (third row, middle) – Dress: Cotton On Kids; Molly Cat Boots: Cat & Jack. Cameron (top, left) – Shirt: Festuvius; Pants: Cat & Jack. Cameron (top, middle) – Shirt: Urban Smalls; Pants: Cat & Jack.

Our hearts are oh so happy! We had so much fun taking Valentine photos this year. It’s actually harder to get the solo shots these days because either one wants to be in the other’s photos. The love these two have for each other is real. Kayla is the best big sister I’ve ever seen and it melts my heart daily. She takes such good care of Cameron whether she’s helping him walk up and down stairs, getting his shoes on or running to say, “what’s wrong buddy?” when she hears him cry. I don’t even go running anymore because he’s happy two seconds after she gets to him. And Cameron wants Kayla to join him in whatever activity he’s doing. If he wants her to come play he yells, “come on, KAYA!!!” and when he wants her to ride his Thomas train he pats the back and says, “sissy sit here”. Kayla is also the only one he listens to most of the time. I can ask him to get in the car and be completely ignored but if Kayla says, “come on, Cams, let’s get in the car” he comes running. Let’s be honest, I do get to use this to my advantage quite a bit. 😉

I’m excited to say the annual birthday pics and St. Patrick’s Day pics have already been taken. Now to get them posted in a timely manner…for once.




Trick-Or-Treat x 2

Top Left – 1st Halloween Onesie: Peanuts & Monkeys; Donut Costume: Chasing Fireflies; Thermals: Cuddl Duds; Top 2nd Right – Petit&Posh; Shark Costume: Forum Novelties; Bottom Right – Youngland; Shoes: Mini Melissa

It’s Halloween times 2 this year!!! How can you not smile looking at these cuties?  We let Kayla pick all of the costumes this year. She loves donuts so no surprise she wanted to be her favorite donut…pink frosting with sprinkles. She then deemed Cameron a shark, Daddy a Tiger and Mommy an ice cream cone. It cracks us up every time we put that shark head on Cam. He’s been a great sport too, he wears it as if nothing is on his head. They’ve had so much fun wearing their costumes out for various events. Kayla even wore hers to dance class this weekend where it was a bit hit amongst the teachers and parents as well!

Last year Kayla was fascinated with the white pumpkins at the pumpkin patch but this year it’s the gourds. Her Nonna “had” to buy two gourds at a halloween festival for her. She would not put them down and if another kid pointed at them she made sure to take a step in the opposite direction. What do you even do with those things??? They make her happy, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Although halloween times 2 has also meant work times 2 we wouldn’t have it any other way! Can’t wait to take these two munchkins trick-or-treating soon and watch the joy on Kayla’s face as she hops from house to house. Cam is just along for the ride this year 😉

Happy Halloween!!!


kayla&cams mommy

Easter Outfit Number 1




Dress: Bonnie Baby; Headband: Tesa Babe (similar)

Of course she has two Easter dresses, why wouldn’t she? I had to do the traditional dress and a fun dress which I’ll debut in another post. This will be Kayla’s second Easter, she already understands the concept of opening the eggs and finding goodies inside. Let’s just hope she’s walking by then so she go hunt for eggs while I take a million pictures!

Kayla Grace Turns ONE



 Onesie (made by me): Glitter Pink Iron-On Letters and Gerber Onesie; Headband: Ema Jane



Crown Headband (made by me): Hot Pink Glitter Foam Sheet, Adhesive Back Acrylic Gems and an Elastic Band; Cupcake Onesie and Tutu: BowsNBlingBoutique; Shoes: Pink Converse Infant Chuck Taylor

So I took a short break, but for good reason! Kayla turned ONE and it was party planning central in this household. I can’t believe she’s already a year old. Time has certainly flown. Everyone warned me about this and it really is the sad truth. I love watching her learn and grow everyday but a tiny part of me wants her to stay like this forever.

Once again Kayla did not disappoint in the wardrobe department, she looked as cute as ever and was the life of the party. She lasted all day in this super fun birthday outfit. Those cute bows on her shoulders are actually attached with hair clips so they can be taken off and used as a clip/headband as a bonus. She’s still not walking yet but the pink chucks were everything nonetheless.

Note – If you order anything from BowsNBlingBoutique on Etsy please make sure to put your due date a few days ahead of when you need it. I did that just so I could take pictures before the big day and it still came 2 days after the deadline I gave. That being said I still LOVED this purchase and will be a repeat buyer.