My Tiny Loves

Top Left – Personalized Heart Shirt: Hallmark Baby; Pants: Circo; Top Right – U R2 Cool Shirt: Target; Shorts: Cat & Jack; Middle Left – Cat & Jack; Shoes: Mini Melissa;             Bottom Left  – Heart Shirt & Skirt Set: Kidtopia; Shoes: Similar or these would have been perfect too

Kayla is very into picking out her own outfits these days. I basically have no say in what she wears anymore. It’s like my worst nightmare! She literally picks out the least matching outfits she can find everyday and then tops off the look with mismatched socks encased in two different open-toe sandals. I’m not sure if people realize she dresses herself or think I am a crazed mom of two and can’t get my act together enough to pick out matching outfits for my kid! I need to do a post on one of her every day outfits because I’m sure my description doesn’t do it justice. Luckily, she was really into her Valentine’s outfits with the sparkly heart and tutu skirt which she loves so there was no argument there. We did, however, have a shoe disagreement so I had to compromise with the white socks sticking out of her boots.

Kayla’s new favorite accessory is headbands which she likes to wear atop her favorite hairstyle, the “Elsa braid”. She had a favorite pink, shiny headband that she recently lost at a birthday party. We searched all over and couldn’t find it (most likely lost in a ball pit). She keeps asking us to call the place to ask if they’ve found it but they have not returned our calls or emails. We have no idea why one of her 12 other headbands aren’t sufficient replacements but a quick trip to target has temporarily fixed the situation.

We had a very low-key Valentine’s Day because poor Kayla got a stomach bug the day before. Poor thing was down for a couple days and even had to miss her little exchange at school. She’s much better now though!

Hope everyone had a very happy Valentine’s Day!



Tenacious Two






Onesie, Skirt, Diaper Covers, Hair Bows: TicklePants; Shoes: Converse (lavender glow, replaced laces with satin ribbon); Socks: Jeffries

It happened, our baby is now a full-blown toddler with a mind and will all her own. Kayla is so determined to be independent and do everything on her own, whether it’s picking out her clothes, buckling herself in her car seat or changing her diaper (yes, she thinks she can change her own diaper). She insists on picking out her outfits on a daily basis which sometimes involves mis-matching and wearing pajamas to school. Needless to say, I was relieved when she loved her birthday outfit. We had no problem getting her to put this on, although it didn’t hurt that it has one of her favorite characters on it along with her name. She wore this all day on her birthday and again at Disneyland. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect second birthday outfit nor a more perfect girl in it. Thank you TicklePants!!!



Kayla Grace Turns ONE



 Onesie (made by me): Glitter Pink Iron-On Letters and Gerber Onesie; Headband: Ema Jane



Crown Headband (made by me): Hot Pink Glitter Foam Sheet, Adhesive Back Acrylic Gems and an Elastic Band; Cupcake Onesie and Tutu: BowsNBlingBoutique; Shoes: Pink Converse Infant Chuck Taylor

So I took a short break, but for good reason! Kayla turned ONE and it was party planning central in this household. I can’t believe she’s already a year old. Time has certainly flown. Everyone warned me about this and it really is the sad truth. I love watching her learn and grow everyday but a tiny part of me wants her to stay like this forever.

Once again Kayla did not disappoint in the wardrobe department, she looked as cute as ever and was the life of the party. She lasted all day in this super fun birthday outfit. Those cute bows on her shoulders are actually attached with hair clips so they can be taken off and used as a clip/headband as a bonus. She’s still not walking yet but the pink chucks were everything nonetheless.

Note – If you order anything from BowsNBlingBoutique on Etsy please make sure to put your due date a few days ahead of when you need it. I did that just so I could take pictures before the big day and it still came 2 days after the deadline I gave. That being said I still LOVED this purchase and will be a repeat buyer.