Hippity & Hop


Top – Dress: Rebecca Rags; Headband: Janie and Jack; Shoes: Cat & Jack. Bottom Left – Cameron Shirt & Pants: Tesa Babe; Kayla Pants: Gap (Similar); Shirt: Gap (no longer sold); Shoes: Vans. Bottom Middle – Bunny Romper: Rebecca Raggs

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way! Our lil bunnies are so ready for Easter. Eggs dyed…check, Easter outfits…check, torturous trip to the Easter Bunny…check. Poor Cameron did NOT like the Easter Bunny one bit (see below). Just like his big sister at that age. We dyed eggs today whilst Cam was napping so that “babyzilla” would not destroy the entire experience. He always wants to do whatever big sister is doing and that usually means walking or crawling up and sitting right on top of whatever Kayla is playing with. I can only imagine what it would have looked like had he done that with the 16 cups of dye in front of her. Kayla had fun meticulously dying and glittering each one of her eggs. We can’t wait to watch her find them all tomorrow!

Bedtime is usually a long, drawn-out ordeal. “I need one more huggy”, “I have to go potty”, “I want a cup of milk”, “tell me a story”, followed by 20 random questions and hours of singing to herself in bed. But tonight, she actually asked me to leave! She said, “I want you to leave, I need to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny can come”. That was it, she was out. She’s so excited and I love it. Can she stay like this forever?

Special credit to Kayla and Cameron’s Nonna for these Easter ensembles. Kayla loved her dress and rainbow outfit. She’s worn them both many times already. And let’s just say we’ve got some good bribery material for Cam when he’s older ūüėČ

Happy Easter!!!




The Firecracker Is Back (with a friend)






Top Dress: OshKosh; Hat: Circo; Shoes: Cherokee; Star Dress: Youngland; Bow: Gift (similar) T-Shirt & Shorts: Carters

Yep, she’s back and this time as a big sister! This is Cameron’s debut on WKW, he may not look thrilled but this kid is all about smiles. Kayla adores her little brother (when she’s not trying to startle him awake¬†from a peaceful slumber). I’m going to have to figure out a trick to get¬†them to smile at the same time. Every time one is smiling the other will cough, sneeze, cry or just look away.

Kayla wore her star dress to school today for her 4th of July picnic/parade and got so many compliments. She currently loves anything that sparkles so the glitter stars on the tutu were a big hit. Her sandals were also sparkly silver and for some reason she loves the fact that both straps velcro on each foot.

I’m looking forward to fireworks with friends and family this weekend. For some reason, Kayla wasn’t a fan of them last¬†year (maybe too loud?). I’m hoping she realizes how fun¬†they are this time around.

Happy 4th of July!



Throwback Thursday!




Swimsuit: Gymboree (no longer sold but on ebay); Headband: HairBowsUnlimited; Hat: Carters (similar); Tutu: Gift (from etsy, similar); Bow: Made by myself.

Happy Thursday!¬†Here’s a flashback to last year’s 4th of July. Kayla was an ADORABLE little firecracker. I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit for this year but haven’t found it just yet. This shopping thing gets tricky when work is crazy but I’ll find it!

Enjoy this week’s inspiration.


kayla’s mommy




Just Another Nautical Monday




Dress: Les Petits Soleils (no longer available, similar); Sandals: Carters; Headband: Sassy Frass Boutique; Bow: Made By Myself

A little nautical inspiration this Memorial day, the red, white and blue make this a perfect outfit to celebrate in. This would also be cute as a 4th of July outfit. But whether you’re celebrating a holiday, going to the beach or on vacation you can’t go wrong with this dress. It’s just a breath of fresh air.

I hate posting items you can’t currently find online or in stores but then I figure it’s still fashion inspiration and that’s never a bad thing ; )


kayla’s mommy

Easter Outfit Number 1




Dress: Bonnie Baby; Headband: Tesa Babe (similar)

Of course she has two Easter dresses, why wouldn’t she? I had to do the traditional dress and a fun dress which I’ll debut in another post. This will be Kayla’s second Easter, she already understands the concept of opening the eggs and finding goodies inside. Let’s just hope she’s walking by then so she go hunt for eggs while I take a million pictures!

A Little Lauren Goes A Long Way




Hat: Huggalugs Black Crochet Beanie (no longer available) (similar); Shirt and Pants: Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Tender Toes Black Sequin Sneakers

Ralph Lauren has got to be one of my favorite brands for babies. Kayla gets compliments every time she wears anything from this line. The detail on these clothes is amazing, look at those cute, edgy buttons! I just jazzed it up with some sparkly shoes and a girly crocheted beanie. Perfect girly/punk-y combo.