The Firecracker Is Back (with a friend)






Top Dress: OshKosh; Hat: Circo; Shoes: Cherokee; Star Dress: Youngland; Bow: Gift (similar) T-Shirt & Shorts: Carters

Yep, she’s back and this time as a big sister! This is Cameron’s debut on WKW, he may not look thrilled but this kid is all about smiles. Kayla adores her little brother (when she’s not trying to startle him awake from a peaceful slumber). I’m going to have to figure out a trick to get them to smile at the same time. Every time one is smiling the other will cough, sneeze, cry or just look away.

Kayla wore her star dress to school today for her 4th of July picnic/parade and got so many compliments. She currently loves anything that sparkles so the glitter stars on the tutu were a big hit. Her sandals were also sparkly silver and for some reason she loves the fact that both straps velcro on each foot.

I’m looking forward to fireworks with friends and family this weekend. For some reason, Kayla wasn’t a fan of them last year (maybe too loud?). I’m hoping she realizes how fun they are this time around.

Happy 4th of July!



A Patriotic Princess






Dress & Necklace: Etsy; Hair Bows: Target; Sunglasses: Disney Store

And we’re back, it’s been a few crazy months but we’re back. Kayla is growing up so fast, she now loves the camera. If I even pick up my phone (without the intent of snapping her pic) she starts saying, “cheese!” She’s such a ham now and we love it. She was more than excited to put on her little 4th of July outfit this year and especially loved her necklace. Adorning jewelry is one of her latest crazes. She will stand at my jewelry box and put on all my bracelets and necklaces or put on all the dress up jewelry and tiaras in her room. Oh, and she is very particular about her hair styles, this particular style she calls her “Minnie ears”. It’s either this or “Elsa braids” almost every day.

I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the fireworks this holiday. Have a safe and happy 4th!!!



Throwback Thursday!




Swimsuit: Gymboree (no longer sold but on ebay); Headband: HairBowsUnlimited; Hat: Carters (similar); Tutu: Gift (from etsy, similar); Bow: Made by myself.

Happy Thursday! Here’s a flashback to last year’s 4th of July. Kayla was an ADORABLE little firecracker. I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit for this year but haven’t found it just yet. This shopping thing gets tricky when work is crazy but I’ll find it!

Enjoy this week’s inspiration.


kayla’s mommy




Just Another Nautical Monday




Dress: Les Petits Soleils (no longer available, similar); Sandals: Carters; Headband: Sassy Frass Boutique; Bow: Made By Myself

A little nautical inspiration this Memorial day, the red, white and blue make this a perfect outfit to celebrate in. This would also be cute as a 4th of July outfit. But whether you’re celebrating a holiday, going to the beach or on vacation you can’t go wrong with this dress. It’s just a breath of fresh air.

I hate posting items you can’t currently find online or in stores but then I figure it’s still fashion inspiration and that’s never a bad thing ; )


kayla’s mommy