Kayla – Pajamas: Old Navy; Socks: Old Navy; Evie Costume: Disney; Cat Boots: Target; Pumpkin Patch Outfit – Shirt: Festivius (Zulily); Tutu Skirt: Dancina Sparkle; Shoes: Mini Melissa; Pumpkin Tunic: Urban Smalls; Pumpkin Knee Leggings: Urban Smalls.

Cameron – Orange & Black Halloween Shirt: Tesa Babe; Jack O’ Lantern Pants: Urban Smalls; Shoes: Cat & Jack; Black Halloween Shirt: Monday’s Child; Pants: Gymboree; Pajamas: Old Navy; Halloween Socks: Old Navy Pirate Costume: Chasing Fireflies.

The Figueroa fam has been very into the Halloween spirit this year. Kayla wanted to start decorating in September! We ended up getting started the first week of October and she was so excited to help. She’s into all things spooky lately. She’s been singing a “spooky spooky” song she learned in school and re-telling us the Halloween stories they read as well.

Kayla has known what she was going to be for Halloween since she saw Descendants 2 earlier this year. She’s now seen both Descendants 1 and 2 at least 20 times. She loves Evie because she’s into fashion along with her friend Dizzy. She even has Evie’s fashion book and has us read it to her every night. Although Kayla likes her blue hair, she opted not to wear a wig or spray her hair blue (which is OK with us). It’s been fun watching her dress up as Evie and play the part. She insisted on holding the apple in her pictures and not smiling because “she’s wicked”. She’s definitely got a passion for dramatic play. I often have to pretend I’m Mal and she is Evie or Dizzy and doing my hair or showing me a jacket she “made”.

We’ve been pumpkin patch-hopping this year and it’s been fun watching the two of them take it all in together. Cameron loves the pumpkins and Kayla loves the games although he wants to do absolutely everything his big sister does. Which is adorable but also means double the tickets for every ride and game! Regardless, this season has been a blast and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.



Christmas Cuties


Our Christmas cuties! It’s Cameron’s first Christmas and Kayla’s first as an official big sister. No doubt there will be some help with unwrapping presents once she’s ripped through her own. Kayla loves helping her little brother whether it’s feeding him adult size spoonfuls of food, picking him up every two seconds until he’s lost it or taking every toy he grabs while saying “I was going to play with that” (even if it’s a baby teether). Kidding aside, she’s really an amazingly sweet, caring big sister and I’m not sure what I’d do without her. She will make him laugh or sing to him when he’s upset in his carseat, she loves to read books to him and always makes sure to let him know that he’s “the best little brother in the world”.

We, I mean I went crazy with Christmas outfits as usual this year. Kayla enjoys the movie Elf so she got an fun shirt that says, “Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins”. And to compliment her silly shirt we got Cameron a “Merry Christmas you filthy animal” shirt. I think my favorite outfits were their matching PJ’s with the reindeer hats though. It really doesn’t get much cuter than that!

It is still incredibly hard to get these two to smile at the same time. Literally every time I get a smile out of one, the other one starts frowning. It’s like some evil toddler/baby plot against me! I still enjoy every moment though and really the best pictures are the candid moments between the two of them when they aren’t even looking at the camera.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




The Firecracker Is Back (with a friend)






Top Dress: OshKosh; Hat: Circo; Shoes: Cherokee; Star Dress: Youngland; Bow: Gift (similar) T-Shirt & Shorts: Carters

Yep, she’s back and this time as a big sister! This is Cameron’s debut on WKW, he may not look thrilled but this kid is all about smiles. Kayla adores her little brother (when she’s not trying to startle him awake from a peaceful slumber). I’m going to have to figure out a trick to get them to smile at the same time. Every time one is smiling the other will cough, sneeze, cry or just look away.

Kayla wore her star dress to school today for her 4th of July picnic/parade and got so many compliments. She currently loves anything that sparkles so the glitter stars on the tutu were a big hit. Her sandals were also sparkly silver and for some reason she loves the fact that both straps velcro on each foot.

I’m looking forward to fireworks with friends and family this weekend. For some reason, Kayla wasn’t a fan of them last year (maybe too loud?). I’m hoping she realizes how fun they are this time around.

Happy 4th of July!



Throwback Thursday – Halloween




Costume: Pumpkin Dress

Here’s a throwback to Kayla’s very first Halloween. She was the most precious little pumpkin princess I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to believe how much she’s grown and changed since then.



It’s Halloween Time – Polar Bear Edition







Costume: Polar Bear

Kayla Grace is our adorable little polar bear this year. I’ll admit I started out scouring the web for unique costumes, ones no one else would have but I came across this and knew she would be too cute for words in it. She loves animals and making animal sounds so much, it was meant to be. She saw this and immediately said “Bahhhhhhhhh” (that’s her bear sound). She loves wearing this costume (so much we have to hide it) and we love seeing her in it!

I can’t wait to see what all the other kiddos are dressed up as this year.



Summer To Fall





Romper: Victoria Kids (similar); Shoes: TOMS; Socks: Trumpette Ballerina Socks; Tights: Carters; Headband: Ema Jane; Crochet Beanie: Huggalugs

One of my favorite things to do is dress up and accessorize a staple item and make it look like a new outfit every time. This is something I try to do with Kayla as well. She can go day to night or summer to fall with just a few changes. Lucky for me she is pretty tiny. At 18mo she generally wears size 12-18mo but also fits into 12mo and even some of her 9mo clothes. This means she can carry over outfits from season to season and make them new by changing the accessories. Now if only I could figure out how to make her shoes grow with her. Sadly, she no longer fits into these cute TOMS.

What I did here was use the romper as the centerpiece and during the day she had a headband and cute socks and for nighttime I added tights and a beanie to create a fun, warmer new look.



The Firecracker Is Back




 Onesie and headband: Princess Wardrobe

The perfect outfit arrived!!! I’m so excited. Kayla looks just as cute as last year. She’s sure to set of some sparks with this outfit. It’s actually a onesie with the tutu sewn in and it came with the cute matching star headband. It’s shown as halter style on the website but came with these cute puff sleeves instead. This was a pleasant surprise because I’m not really a huge fan of the halter style. Hope everyone has a VERY happy 4th of July!!!! xoxo, kayla’s mommy