It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year







Gingerbread Dress: Heavenly Things for Angels on Earth; Ruffle Dress: Mud Pie; Socks: Jeffries; Shoes: Carters; Joy Onesie: Prince and the Princess; Tights: Cherokee; Santa Hat

It’s Kayla’s second Christmas and we are beyond excited to celebrate with her. This time last year she couldn’t be bothered to open a present. Nowadays, I don’t think she’s met a present she didn’t like. She even tries to take presents back from people she just gifted.

With the holidays of course, come more ensembles! I couldn’t resist the cute gingerbread man halter when I saw it up on Zulily and was so happy when it looked as cute as I expected. Her second dress is a sweet ruffle dress from Mud Pie, she loves pointing at the reindeer and trees on her chest and telling me what they are. Her last outfit is a onesie that says “JOY” (and what a joy she is) with a giant bow, so fun! I actually bought this for her last year and was pleasantly surprised when it still fit her this year. I love getting extra wear (and photos) out of her outfits.

Happy Holidays!



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