Turkey Time






Dress: Marmellata; Shoes: Carters; Hair Ties: Goody

This Thanksgiving is extra special around here because although it is Kayla’s second Thanksgiving, it is the first one with her Nona. Her Nona did not get to see her cute turkey outfit last year, or sit at the table with her or anyone else for that matter. Instead, she was in the ICU being stronger than any of us could have imagined. This year we are SO very thankful to have Nona back at the dinner table (and for her amazing cooking). This year also brings a blending of families, new traditions and celebration of life. So much to be thankful for!

I think you can tell by the smiles that Kayla adores this turkey dress, from the second I opened the package in the mail she was in love. Every time she puts it on I have to bribe her or find some clever way to get her out of it (to keep it nice for the actual holiday). I like that she can continue to wear this dress throughout the winter with the addition of some tights and Uggs as well. She will enjoy it for many months to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!



One Comment on “Turkey Time”

  1. jeff says:

    4 Generations celebrating today at the Thanksgiving table. How incredibly beautiful. Best Thanksgiving ever. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family.


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