#StolenMoments In The Park

IMG_3165 IMG_3169 IMG_3175 IMG_3179

 Dress: Miniclasix (similar); Sandals: Carters; Headband: Sassy Frass Boutique; Bow: Made by Me!

I had actually been planning on doing this post for a month or so but now it has more meaning. I recently read about a family, who in the face of tragedy, created a beautiful movement. You can read about it here. I have always been a fan of “stolen moments” I just didn’t call them that. I always try to take Kayla on unexpected trips to the park, to get frozen yogurt or even just pick her up early from daycare for some extra mommy & Kayla time. I am going to keep doing this FOREVER. I think it really is important to enjoy every moment you have with your little ones and go to sleep knowing you didn’t waste a single second with them. Because you just. never. know. Above is a stolen moment with Kayla on a surprise trip to the park (which is why the photos are from my iphone). I hope to post many more of these #stolenmoments in the future. I donated to this amazing cause and I hope you do to. If not, at the very least, I hope you take your kiddos on some stolen moments of their own 🙂 xoxo, kayla’s mommy

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